Why We Give

At Cedric Burl & Company, our commitment extends beyond business. We believe in the power of giving, in fostering positive change, and in uplifting the communities where we work and live. Our ethos is not just about profits but about creating lasting societal impact through targeted philanthropy.

  • Education: Knowledge is the cornerstone of progress. By investing in education, we ensure a brighter, more informed future. Through scholarships, educational initiatives, and support for underserved institutions, we aim to make learning accessible for all.

  • Health Care: Good health is a fundamental right, not a luxury. We support healthcare programs, research, and infrastructure projects that bring quality care to those who need it most.

  • Financial: Financial literacy and accessibility are paramount in today's world. We fund projects that promote financial literacy, extend credit to the underserved, and help individuals gain control over their financial futures.

  • Real Estate: Safe and secure housing is foundational to community well-being. Through our real estate initiatives, we focus on affordable housing projects, the rehabilitation of dilapidated structures, and community development.

  • Sports: As a passionate USPTA Teaching Pro with a deep love for tennis and all racquet sports, I find immense joy in contributing to sports non-profits that make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities. Not only do I support various non-profits dedicated to sports, but I also proudly serve as the Chair Member and President of The National Tennis Community Association (NTCA).About The National Tennis Community Association (NTCA):

Why We Volunteer

Volunteering isn't just about giving time; it's about touching lives, making a difference, and embodying the spirit of community. Every member of Cedric Burl & Company is encouraged to volunteer, ensuring our corporate values are grounded in tangible actions. By volunteering, we connect with the heartbeats of the communities we serve, understanding their challenges firsthand and working collaboratively towards solutions.

Ask Us To Serve

Your cause is our cause. If you believe there's an initiative or a community that aligns with our giving areas and could benefit from our support, please reach out. We're always eager to expand our charitable endeavors and make a positive difference wherever we can.

A Note From CEO, Cedric Burl

"Philanthropy and service are not afterthoughts; they are integral to who we are at Cedric Burl & Company. Every day, we strive to blend business acumen with a genuine heart for service. Our commitment to charity is not just a corporate responsibility; it's a deeply held belief that together, we can shape a better world."

Join us in our mission to bring about change, one act of kindness at a time.

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