Fees & Pricing Model


Fees & Pricing Model

Greetings and thank you for considering Cedric Burl & Company. Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our pricing structure. We prioritize clarity and honesty in every interaction. Here's a comprehensive overview of our fee and pricing model, designed to accommodate the varied requirements of our clients. Take advantage of a complimentary 15-minute discovery call, where we can discuss your needs. Following this call, we'll collaboratively determine the subsequent steps, including any applicable fees, or seamlessly connect you with our partners or affiliates for direct collaboration.

1. Discovery Call:

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes

Fee: Complimentary

Description: Let's initiate our potential partnership. This call allows us to understand your needs, aspirations, and challenges, providing a glimpse into how we might navigate the path ahead.

2. Mind-Mapping Discussion Call:

Mind-Mapping Strategy Session:

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: Start's at $300.00

Description: This in-depth session, following the discovery call, is crafted to develop strategies, identify challenges, and outline customized solutions based on your requirements. You have the flexibility to leverage the insights gained independently or explore a potential partnership with us for a comprehensive execution plan.

As an example, if you were interested in exploring the launch of a new business in real estate development, our discussion could involve devising fundraising strategies. We might strategize on how to establish dominance in a specific zip code by optimizing your service or offer. Alternatively, we could focus on a broader scale, such as dominating a state or a business category, like residential development in Florida.

Special Note: Should you choose to proceed with further collaboration and opt to retain our services, the $300.00 fee will be credited to your account, mitigating future charges.

We decline collaboration with the following categories of individuals and provide the rationale for each:

Prospective Clients Seeking Rapid Wealth Accumulation without Tangible Assets or Cash:

Reason: Our services are not designed to support get-rich-quick schemes. Applicants pursuing such schemes typically lack the necessary mindset, assets, or leverage to engage in business with the level of integrity we uphold.

Applicants Insufficiently Capitalized for Third-Party Fees:

Reason: Individuals lacking the necessary capital to cover potential third-party fees, including but not limited to legal fees, consulting fees, accounting fees, imposed by various firms and agencies for services rendered, are deemed unsuitable candidates for collaboration. This is essential as our partners, affiliates, and team members constitute the vital backbone of our business, and their time is a precious resource that we value.

Individuals Unacquainted with Our Services and Written Agreements:

Reason: Failure to demonstrate familiarity with our services and procedures despite prior written communication and agreements indicates a lack of understanding of our operations and commitments. Such individuals are not suitable for continued collaboration.

Parties Preferring Oral Communication over Written Correspondence:

Reason: Those relying solely on verbal communication and unwilling to allocate time for written correspondence are incompatible with our communication preferences.

Individuals Prone to Complaints without Seeking Solutions:

Reason: Individuals who consistently engage in negative energy, use demeaning language, and incite violence through their words, while also lodging complaints without actively seeking solutions, are not aligned with our collaborative, solution-oriented approach or the values of our partners."

Applicants Exhibiting Delusional Aspirations and Grandiosity:

Reason: Individuals with unrealistic and grandiose expectations are not conducive to a practical and achievable working relationship.

Fee Structures:

Our consulting firm provides strategic insights and research services across various industries. Our hourly fee ranges from $150 to $300, while project fees typically fall between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Flat Fee:

An upfront, one-time fee based on the scope and complexity of the project. Ideal for clients preferring a straightforward, predictable pricing model.


A recurring fee (monthly/quarterly) ensures you have our dedicated services over a prolonged period, suitable for projects requiring ongoing consultation and strategy implementation.

Equity Stake:

In certain cases, we might consider taking an equity stake in your venture in lieu of or in addition to our fees. This ensures our vested interest in the long-term success of your business.

Hybrid Model:

A combination of the above, tailored to the specifics of the project. This might encompass a blend of flat fees, retainer, and equity, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement.

Choosing Our Clients:

At Cedric Burl & Company, we're selective about our partnerships. This is not a reflection of the potential we see in your venture but rather a conscious decision to ensure our expertise aligns seamlessly with your needs. Every client we take on receives undivided attention, and our selectivity ensures that we deliver unparalleled quality and results.

Our Ethos and Legacy:

A portion of our annual profits is channeled towards non-profits of our choice, underscoring our commitment to making a broader impact. Our ultimate vision? Partnering with 100 individuals or businesses, nurturing them to millionaire status. This serves as both our business model and a retirement plan, securing a legacy of continued prosperity and residual income.

Ready to discuss? Whether you're exploring business strategies, sourcing capital, or planning an exit, our fee structures are tailored to offer optimal value. Dive in, and let's craft a success story together.


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