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At Cedric Burl & Company, we proudly serve as your comprehensive guide to accessing vital resources, connections, and support tailored to veterans across the United States. Our mission is to empower veterans by providing them with the information they need to access a wide range of services, benefits, and opportunities available to them in their respective states.

Our Role

Information Hub:

Cedric Burl & Company acts as your central information hub, providing detailed insights into state-specific resources, programs, and benefits for veterans. While we don't directly provide these services, we equip you with the knowledge and tools to connect with organizations and agencies that can help you.

Connection Facilitator:

We understand the importance of connecting veterans with the right resources and support networks. Through our extensive network of partners, we facilitate connections with organizations, businesses, and community groups that can offer assistance in areas such as healthcare, employment, education, housing, and more.

Discounted Services:

As a token of appreciation for your service, Cedric Burl & Company offers discounted rates on various services we provide. Whether you need assistance with resume writing, career coaching, financial planning, or other support services, we offer special discounts to veterans.

State-by-State Support

Alabama - Home for my family


A Personal Message from Cedric Burl On Youtube 

Dear Visitor,

I want to take a moment to share a personal story that holds a special place in my heart. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Location Chapter 4 in Birmingham, Alabama, has played a significant role in my journey, and it's a community I hold dear.

My connection to this chapter runs deep, as my brother is a veteran residing in the Birmingham community. 

When I found myself navigating the complex world of veteran benefits on his behalf, DAV Chapter 4 was there for me. Their unwavering support and guidance reassured me that I was on the right path to ensuring my brother received the benefits he rightfully deserved.

But it doesn't stop there. My sister, a dedicated dentist, has served veterans in the Birmingham area for over two decades, providing essential dental services. Through her work and interactions with veterans, she has witnessed firsthand the impact of organizations like DAV Chapter 4 in making a difference in veterans' lives.

After speaking with the commander at DAV Chapter 4, I realized that this location is more than just a service provider—it's home. The sense of community, dedication to veterans, and willingness to go above and beyond touched me deeply. That's why I advocate for anyone seeking guidance or insight into veteran benefits to reach out to them immediately.

In times of uncertainty or confusion, knowing that there's a trusted resource like DAV Chapter 4 in Birmingham brings comfort and peace of mind. They stand ready to assist veterans and their families with compassion, expertise, and unwavering support.

Furthermore, I pledge that if you choose to do business with me, I will be donating services and resources to support DAV Chapter 4. I ask that you consider doing the same, as together, we can help this location grow and reach even more veterans and the community.

With gratitude, Cedric Burl..

How We Can Help You

Cedric Burl & Company is committed to being your ally in your transition to civilian life. While we may not directly provide services, we equip you with the knowledge, connections, and discounted services you need to thrive. Let us guide you on your journey to accessing the support and resources you deserve.

Contact Us:

For personalized assistance, questions, or to learn more about our discounted services for veterans, please reach out to us. We're honored to serve those who have served our country.

Thank you for your service, and welcome to Cedric Burl & Company - your gateway to veteran support nationwide.


1. Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Veterans Recovery Resources -

3. Still Serving Veterans -


1. Alaska VA Healthcare System -

2. Alaska Veterans Foundation -

3. Alaska Veterans Organization for Women -


1. Arizona Department of Veterans' Services -

2. Arizona Coalition for Military Families -

3. Veterans First Ltd. -


1. Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Arkansas Veterans Village -

3. Arkansas Veterans Coalition -


1. California Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Swords to Plowshares -

3. Veterans Legal Institute -


1. Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs -

2. Veterans Passport to Hope -

3. Rocky Mountain Human Services -


1. Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Connecticut Veterans Legal Center -

3. Connecticut Veterans Chamber of Commerce -


1. Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs -

2. Delaware Veterans Coalition -

3. American Veterans -


1. Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs -

2. Operation Sacred Trust -

3. Florida Veterans Foundation -


1. Georgia Department of Veterans Service -

2. Veterans Empowerment Organization -

3. Georgia Center for Women Veterans -


1. Hawaii Office of Veterans' Services -

2. Wounded Warrior Ohana -

3. US Vets -


1. Idaho Division of Veterans Services -

2. Idaho Veterans Assistance League -

3. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Idaho -


1. Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans -

3. Illinois Joining Forces -


1. Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. HVAF of Indiana -

3. Operation: Job Ready Veterans -


1. Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Iowa Veterans Home -

3. Iowa Veterans Cemetery -


1. Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs -

2. Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion -

3. Kansas City VA Medical Center -


1. Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Kentucky Veterans Brigade -

3. Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame -


1. Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Volunteers of America Greater New Orleans -

3. Bastion Community of Resilience -


1. Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services -

2. Maine Veterans' Homes -

3. The Travis Mills Foundation -


1. Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training -

3. Operation Second Chance -


1. Massachusetts Department of Veterans' Services -

2. New England Center and Home for Veterans -

3. Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund -


1. Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency -

2. Michigan Veterans Foundation -

3. Veterans Community Action Teams of Michigan -


1. Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. MACV - Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans -

3. Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans -


1. Mississippi Veterans Affairs -

2. Disabled American Veterans - Mississippi -

3. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) - Mississippi -


1. Missouri Veterans Commission -

2. Missouri Veterans Endeavor -

3. Missouri Veterans Cemetery Program -


1. Montana Veterans Affairs Division -

2. Veterans Meat Locker -

3. Disabled American Veterans - Montana -


1. Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs -

2. Heartland Veterans Service -

3. Eastern Nebraska Veterans' Home -


1. Nevada Department of Veterans Services -

2. Veterans Guest House -

3. Nevada Women Veterans Advisory Committee - https://

New Hampshire:

1. New Hampshire Office of Veterans Services -

2. Liberty House -

3. Veterans Count -

New Jersey:

1. New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs -

2. New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home -

3. Vets4Warriors -

New Mexico:

1. New Mexico Department of Veterans Services -

2. Veterans Integration Centers -

3. New Mexico Veterans' Memorial -

New York:

1. New York State Division of Veterans' Services -

2. Veterans Outreach Center -

3. United War Veterans Council -

North Carolina:

1. North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs -

2. Purple Heart Homes -

3. North Carolina Veterans Affairs Commission -

North Dakota:

1. North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Disabled American Veterans - North Dakota -

3. North Dakota National Guard Family Program -


1. Ohio Department of Veterans Services -

2. Disabled American Veterans - Ohio -

3. Ohio Veterans Homes -


1. Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Folds of Honor - Oklahoma -

3. Oklahoma Veteran Alliance -


1. Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs -

2. Returning Veterans Project -

3. Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America -


1. Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs -

2. Keystone Veterans Association -

3. Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House -

Rhode Island:

1. Rhode Island Office of Veterans Services -

2. Operation Stand Down Rhode Island -

3. Rhode Island Veterans Home -

South Carolina:

1. South Carolina Department of Veterans' Affairs -

2. Upstate Warrior Solution -

3. South Carolina Veterans' Upstate Outreach Center -

South Dakota:

1. South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. South Dakota Veterans of Foreign Wars -

3. South Dakota American Legion -


1. Tennessee Department of Veterans Services -

2. Tennessee Valley Healthcare System -

3. Operation Stand Down Tennessee -


1. Texas Veterans Commission -

2. Combined Arms - Houston -

3. Texas Veterans Legal Aid Clinic -


1. Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs -

2. Utah Department of Veterans Affairs -

3. Utah Veterans Legal Clinic -


1. Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs -

2. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) - Vermont -

3. Vermont Veterans Home -


1. Virginia Department of Veterans Services -

2. Virginia Veterans and Family Support -

3. Virginia Wounded Warrior Program -


1. Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Disabled American Veterans - Washington -

3. Washington Veterans Home -

West Virginia:

1. West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance -

2. Operation Welcome Home -

3. West Virginia National Guard - Family Programs -


1. Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs -

2. Dryhootch of America -

3. Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce -


1. Wyoming Veterans Commission -

2. Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum -

3. Wyoming Veterans Welcome Home Day -

Please note that some organizations may have changed their websites or services since this list was compiled. It's always a good idea to verify the information before use.

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