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Parcel Shipping Management - UPS , FedEx Carrier System Alternative

Welcome to the latest partnership between Cedric Burl & Company and our esteemed partner, where we're excited to introduce a cutting-edge shipping solution designed to maximize your profits and streamline your parcel operations. Through our collaboration with our partner, we bring you an unparalleled opportunity to ship parcels swiftly and affordably while optimizing your carrier mix and rate base.

At Cedric Burl & Company, we recognize the importance of finding the right carrier mix and rate base to ensure efficient shipping operations. That's why we've teamed up with our partner, a leading platform, to offer you a comprehensive suite of capabilities tailored to meet your shipping needs.

With over 80 direct API carrier connections and access to a network of 1,500 final-mile carriers, our partner provides hands-on operational service and support like never before. Whether you're shipping parcels or handling LTL freight, our partner's platform has you covered with industry-leading capabilities, including:

- Parcel optimization

- Procurement and bid optimization

- Automated rate shopping

- Parcel freight payment

- Real-time parcel visibility

- Parcel contract management

- Carrier compliance

- Parcel consolidation

- Label and document creation

- WMS/TMS integration

Our partner's platform, designed to solve complexities other systems can't handle, allows you to control your entire shipping operation through a single, user-friendly interface. And if you require custom API or EDI connections, our partner is here to build them for you.

But our commitment doesn't stop with software. Our partner provides full-time operational support and shipment/carrier management from their local experts, guiding you every step of the way from parcel to LTL.

Our partner's services cater to a range of industries, including 3rd Party Fulfillment, Retail and Consumer Package Goods (CPG), Medical Supply/Healthcare, Printing, and Industrial Parts and Suppliers. Ideal for shippers with over $2 million in parcel spend, our partner's platform is perfect for those seeking single-sourcing with one carrier, shipping at least 500 labels per day, and operating across multiple locations.

Here's how our partnership with our partner can benefit you across the three pillars of planning, execution, and administration:


- Consultative approach to understanding your entire shipping process and supply chain

- Multi-modal carrier network engineering

- Customized operational projects focused on specific efficiency gains

- National carrier negotiations, regional/alternative carrier additions, cartonization as a service, batch process flow optimization


- Executing the plan through our partner's proprietary platform

- Running and monitoring every operation through a single interface

- Rate shopping, label printing, active carrier management, TnT optimization, box packing logic, change management


- Managing all data and transaction flow through a single conduit

- Real-time invoice reconciliation, analytics, reporting, modeling, monitoring, adjusting network

- Consolidated invoicing, carrier scorecard management, ongoing TnT analysis, tracking, reporting, data analytics

Our partner's platform offers logic at scale with a prescriptive methodology, ensuring flexibility and efficiency across your entire shipment operation. Core differentiating features include live rates via API, dynamic business rules engine, built-in batch rating, centralized station settings, embedded mark-up functionality, instance flexibility, and full process/operational support.

You can access our partner's shipping services via their cloud URL, or they can seamlessly integrate them into your existing WMS, ERP, or TMS. With our partnership with our partner, rest assured that your shipping needs are in expert hands, delivering unparalleled efficiency and cost savings to your business.

We invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss your shipping needs in more detail. Our partnership with our shipping partner offers a range of solutions to optimize your parcel operations and maximize your profits.

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