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Shining a Light on Education: Cedric Burl & Company's Truth-Exposing Approach

At Cedric Burl & Company, we don't just talk about revolutionizing education – we make it happen. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation and our strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we deliver a game-changing suite of solutions that empower school districts to take control of their data and transform their educational environments.

Our mission is simple: to provide schools with the tools and expertise they need to succeed, from Early Identification to Early Intervention. Our cutting-edge system doesn't just manage data – it exposes the truth. It shines a light on teacher practices, reveals areas for improvement, and provides winning solutions for students, teachers, and school districts alike.

With Cedric Burl & Company, there's no room for mediocrity. We're here to shake up the status quo, challenge the norm, and drive real, tangible results.

Our Partners:

Explore our network of trusted partners who share our vision for transforming education:

1.Discipline Management: Streamline discipline management processes to foster a positive school climate.

2.Discipline Tracking: Track disciplinary incidents and trends for informed decision-making.

3.Disproportionality Tracking: Address equity concerns by monitoring disproportionality in disciplinary actions.

4.Discrimination Tracking: Combat discrimination and ensure fair treatment of all students.

5.Student Success Plan: Develop personalized plans to support student achievement and growth.

6.College and Career Readiness: Equip students with the skills and resources they need for post-secondary success.

7.Graduation Plans: Track progress towards graduation goals and support students in reaching their academic milestones.

8.Intervention Management: Implement targeted interventions to support struggling students.

9.Mental Health-Social Emotional:Promote student well-being through comprehensive mental health and social-emotional support services.

10.Bullying: Prevent and address bullying incidents to create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

11.RTI, ELL, and Alternative Learning: Provide tailored support for students with diverse learning needs, including Response to Intervention (RTI), English Language Learners (ELL), and alternative learning programs.

12.Student Safety Management: Ensure the safety and security of students through proactive safety measures and incident response protocols.

13.Student Threat Assessment: Identify and address potential threats to student safety in a timely manner.

14.Safe School Assessment: Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

15.Compliance & Accountability: Navigate complex regulatory requirements and maintain accountability at all levels of the education system.

16.Office of Civil Rights Management: Promote equity and civil rights compliance throughout the school district.

17.State Performance Plan Management: Align district goals with state performance standards to drive continuous improvement.

Hypothetical Example:

Imagine a struggling K-12 school district facing numerous challenges, including high disciplinary incidents, low graduation rates, and a lack of resources to support diverse student needs. Despite dedicated educators and staff, the district was struggling to meet the needs of its students and community.

Upon partnering with Cedric Burl & Company and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, the district embarked on a transformative journey that resulted in a remarkable turnaround within just three years.

Year 1: Early Identification and Intervention

In the first year of the partnership, the district focused on early identification and intervention strategies. With the help of advanced data analytics tools provided by Cedric Burl & Company, educators were able to identify at-risk students more effectively and develop personalized intervention plans tailored to their specific needs. This proactive approach led to a significant decrease in disciplinary incidents and improved student engagement.

Year 2: Strengthening Student Support Services

Building on the progress made in the first year, the district intensified its efforts to strengthen student support services. By leveraging the comprehensive mental health and social-emotional support services offered by Cedric Burl & Company, the district provided students with the necessary resources and support to address their emotional and behavioral needs. As a result, students reported higher levels of well-being, leading to improved academic performance and a more positive school climate.

Year 3: Academic Achievement and Graduation Success

In the third year of the partnership, the district shifted its focus towards academic achievement and graduation success. With the implementation of college and career readiness programs, personalized graduation plans, and targeted interventions for struggling students, the district saw a remarkable improvement in graduation rates and college acceptance rates. Additionally, students demonstrated increased proficiency in core subjects, paving the way for future success beyond high school.


Through the strategic partnership with Cedric Burl & Company and the adoption of innovative technology solutions, the once-struggling K-12 school district experienced a remarkable turnaround in just three years. By prioritizing early identification and intervention, strengthening student support services, and focusing on academic achievement and graduation success, the district was able to create a more supportive and inclusive learning environment for its students. This hypothetical example serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in driving positive change in education.

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