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Embark on a transformative healthcare journey with Cedric Burl & Company, your trusted ally committed to delivering excellence. We are delighted to announce our pioneering collaboration with WMC, introducing an innovative OnSite Healthcare program designed to enhance healthcare services in senior living, encompassing medical and non-medical care, as well as long-term care.

Our Vision for Healthcare Transformation

Under the visionary leadership of WMC's CEO and collaboration with key advisors, we have crafted a scalable business model with a primary focus on healthcare and technology. WMC's mission is to elevate performance, create value, and guide companies through strategic transitions, fostering growth with a smart exit strategy.

A Synergistic Team for Comprehensive Solutions

Cedric Burl & Company and WMC bring together a dynamic team of over 100 professionals, each possessing decades of experience in healthcare, technology, business, and finance. Our collaborative approach ensures precise solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Introducing Our Flagship Service: Wound Care Solutions

Embark on a transformative journey as we introduce our flagship service – wound care solutions. Collaborate with us on challenging cases, leveraging our industry-leading amniotic membrane. Our comprehensive approach includes a thorough assessment of residents, identifying unnoticed or unhealed wounds and infections. 

Additionally, our one-time Pharmacogenomics (PGx) test, a genetic medication response test, enhances medication customization for optimal therapeutic outcomes, reducing adverse reactions and costs.

Key Benefits of PGx Testing:

- Improves therapeutic outcomes

- Reduces adverse reactions and side effects

- Validates medication selection and reduces costs

- Streamlines initial drug therapies

- Assists in managing drug regimens for patients with multiple chronic conditions

- Provides a lifetime genetic profile

Our team will collaboratively identify and treat wounds and infections while initiating a customized treatment plan for each resident. Simultaneously, we will educate facility nursing staff and conduct PGx tests at no cost to the facility.

FDA Approval: Pioneering FDA approval for chronic wound care.

Medicare Fee Schedule: Securing a privileged position on the Medicare Fee Schedule.

No Upfront Costs: Honoring your commitment to patients by eliminating initial fees.

Seamless Paperwork: Expertly managing intricacies, from approvals to post-service compensation.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality assurance in our labs as the sole nationwide distributor.

Elevating Elderly Care with Personalized Support

Benefit from our extensive experience in elderly care, where our practitioners provide tailored, individualized support to every resident. Our comprehensive services cover diagnosis and treatment, ensuring residents receive chronic, preventative, and transitional care without leaving their community.

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In addition to our partnership with WMC for advanced healthcare solutions, Cedric Burl & Company offers cost reduction services for hospitals and nursing homes. Discover the synergies of our combined expertise.

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