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At Cedric Burl & Company, we are a dedicated group of professionals committed to crafting vibrant and affordable communities. Our mission centers around addressing one of America's most pressing issues – the need for affordable housing. With a network comprising experienced inspectors, builders, contractors, and enthusiastic investors, along with a profound passion for community development, we aim to create cities that are not only safe but also accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is on cultivating strong relationships with inspectors, builders, real estate professionals, city governments, and local and national financial institutions offering incentives for home purchases. Through these collaborations, we work collectively to make urban spaces safer, more inclusive, and affordable for everyone. We believe in building sustainable and safe housing, commercial projects, and cities where residents can relish a high quality of life without the burden of exorbitant rents.

Why Affordable Housing Matters

1.Economic Stability: Affordable housing contributes to economic stability by providing individuals and families with the financial flexibility to invest in education, healthcare, and local businesses.

2. Community Well-being: Accessible housing fosters a sense of community, enhancing social connections and overall well-being among residents.

3. Reduced Crime Rates: Affordable housing initiatives have been shown to contribute to lower crime rates, creating safer neighborhoods for everyone.

4. Improved Health Outcomes: Stable housing positively impacts health outcomes, reducing stress and promoting healthier lifestyles.

5. Workforce Productivity: Affordable housing allows the workforce to live closer to their workplaces, reducing commute times and increasing overall productivity.

Why Choose Cedric Burl & Company

1. Extensive Investor Network: We have a robust network of investors eager to support and fund community development projects. Their mission aligns with ours, seeking safe projects that positively impact communities. This ensures timely and efficient execution of plans.

2. Proven Track Record: Cedric Burl & Company has forged relationships with real estate professionals and local and major builders, boasting a track record of successful community development projects. This demonstrates our expertise and unwavering commitment to positive outcomes.

3. Innovative Solutions: We pride ourselves on implementing innovative solutions that not only address affordable housing but also contribute to the overall improvement of city infrastructure and amenities.

Let's Build a Better Future Together

If you have available land or access to land, join us in our quest to create affordable, safe, and vibrant communities. Cedric Burl & Company is not just a consulting firm; we are a force for positive change in the development landscape.

Contact us today to explore collaboration opportunities and be a part of transforming cities into places that everyone can proudly call home. 

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