“Who would have thought in 2010 and beyond we would be able to conduct our business in the cloud anywhere in the world!”

About Me

My name is Cedric and I am an High-end Digital Marketer / High-risk Business consultant. I am involved in everything centered around the internet and digital marketing.

Welcome to Cedric Burl & Company…

My aim is to develop strategies and programs to help my clients stay competitive, acquire new customers and create new revenue streams, driven in part by the emergence of cloud computing and a greater demand for digital marketing services.

My business model was set up to generate Hands Off Income Online and Off-line by way of affiliate offers, network marketing, product sales, and services.

I have sold alternative investment opportunities sports betting, domain names, fantasy sports, white-label insurance websites, yachts, success books & audio, artwork, antiques, TV media streamer, 100% human hair, residential and commercial real-estate, dating services, pets,  surrogate program just to name a few.

Investing in on-line real-estate combined with products and services is perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of real estate investing. Yet, when properly executed, such an investment can generate a steady hands-off income. Many investors shy away from this type of investing because they don’t have a clue as to how to build it or how the internet works in conjunction with the worldwide web.

Set it and track it is what internet markets like me do! We sell products locally, nationally, and worldwide at will! Some areas have more target-rich environments than others and this is what motivated me to start my internet marketing agency. My internet marketing strategies have earned me and my clients a great return online and offline.