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Welcome to Cedric Burl & Company, your trusted companion in the world of commodity sourcing. With extensive global connections, experience, and an unwavering commitment to integrity, we specialize in facilitating seamless transactions for our esteemed clients. Here's an overview of our thorough sourcing process:

Top 10 Commodities We Source (Not Limited to):

1. Crude Oil

2. Precious Metals

3. Agricultural Products

4. Sugar

5. Base Metals

6. Minerals

7. Chemicals

8. Grains

9. Livestock

10. Soft Commodities

As we move forward with our engagement in sourcing commodities, I would like to outline the specific requirements for the Buyer's Letter of Intent (LOI) that we will need from your end to facilitate the evaluation process and determine our interest here at Cedric Burl & Company.

Below are the essential components we require in the Buyer's LOI ( Letter Of Interest)

Company Information:

- Full legal name of the buyer entity.

- Contact details including address, phone number, and email.

Authorized Representative:

- Name and title of the authorized representative signing the LOI on behalf of Cedric Burl & Company.

- Contact information of the authorized representative.

Intent and Scope:

- Explicit statement of intent to engage in sourcing commodities.

- Description of the desired quantity, quality, and specifications of the commodities.

Evaluation Criteria:

- Criteria and factors that buyer will consider in evaluating the proposed deal.

- Any specific requirements or preferences regarding sourcing, pricing, delivery, etc.

Confidentiality Agreement:

- Confirmation of the buyer's commitment to maintaining confidentiality regarding any sensitive information exchanged during the sourcing process.


- Proposed timeline for the sourcing process, including key milestones such as submission deadlines, evaluation period, and expected contract finalization.

Additional Information:

- Any additional information or terms deemed necessary by Cedric Burl & Company for a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed deal.

Once we receive the Buyer's LOI with the aforementioned details, we will proceed with the evaluation process to determine our interest in further engagement.

Following this initial step, we will collaborate on the next steps as required to advance the sourcing process effectively.

Initial Due Diligence Requirements:

Before proceeding with any transaction, Cedric Burl & Company requires upfront due diligence fees to meticulously verify the authenticity and capability of the buyer and/or their entity. This involves a comprehensive examination of the buyer's background, financial standing, and overall credibility. Non-Refundable and Non-Negotiable.

Importance of Funds Verification:

Verification of funds is critical for several reasons:

1. Transaction Security: Ensures that the buyer possesses the financial capacity to fulfill the transaction, minimizing the risk of default.

2. Legal Compliance: Validates the legitimacy of funds, ensuring compliance with regulations governing commodity transactions.

3.Efficiency: Streamlines the sourcing procedure by preemptively addressing potential delays due to insufficient funds.

Required Documentation:

To initiate due diligence, Cedric Burl & Company requires the submission of the following documentation:

- Bank letterhead confirming available funds, credit line, or instruments, signed and authorized by a bank officer with their email, phone number,
and bank officer ID, explaining the client's monthly average balance.

- Prior audited financials for the past two years.

- Track record of previous deals to assess the buyer's credibility.

Exclusive Engagement:

We engage exclusively with the buyer or their mandate. The mandate must be an authorized buyer of the principal and must verify their association with the buyer through a notarized letter on the buyer's letterhead authorizing so, accompanied by a photo ID, passport, and recorded Zoom call. Brokers are welcome.

Fee Structure:

Fees for our services are discussed subsequent to the submission of a letter of interest to Cedric Burl & Company. Please note that upfront fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

***Success fees will be determined by the commodity being sourced

The reason for this approach lies in the inherent variability and complexity associated with different commodities. Commodities vary widely in terms of market dynamics, availability, sourcing difficulty, and associated risks. As a result, the effort and resources required to successfully source one commodity may significantly differ from those needed for another.

For example, sourcing a widely available and commonly traded commodity like wheat may involve relatively straightforward processes and lower associated costs compared to sourcing a rare and specialized mineral like tantalum, which may require extensive research, negotiation, and potentially higher expenses.

By aligning success fees with the specific commodity being sourced, businesses can ensure that the compensation reflects the unique challenges and complexities involved in each sourcing endeavor. This approach encourages efficiency, fairness, and transparency in fee structures, ultimately supporting better risk management and resource allocation across different sourcing projects.

Logistics Management:

In addition to commodity sourcing, Cedric Burl & Company provides logistics management services to ensure the seamless transportation and delivery of goods.

Legal Compliance and Fraud Prevention:

Cedric Burl & Company is committed to preventing fraud and upholding legal standards. Any individual or entity found engaging in or attempting to engage in fraudulent activities will be prosecuted, and we pledge full cooperation with the relevant authorities.

Regulatory Compliance:

We adhere to the regulatory frameworks of various governing authorities relevant to commodity transactions, including but not limited to:

- Interpol 

- International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 

- Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) 

- Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 

- Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

- International Trade Administration (ITA) 

- Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) 

Please note that we will not conduct business with individuals or entities listed on any of the above lists or with complaints.

Broker Engagement:

Cedric Burl & Company works with brokers and a broker chain, but we must be the principal broker engaging directly with the principal buyer and their authorized mandate. All intermediaries will be verified and required to submit their ID, passport, photo, bank routing information, bank officer information, letter of good standing with the bank, and be part of the initial Zoom call. The referring intermediary and their chain will be paid at closing from Cedric Burl & Company. No intermediaries will be allowed after the initial call.

At Cedric Burl & Company, we prioritize transparency, efficiency, and integrity in every transaction. Contact us today to explore how we can effectively cater to your commodity sourcing needs.

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