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Cedric Burl And Company has assembled a team of best-in-class experts dedicated to optimizing your spending and reducing costs in various areas. We understand that spending less for the same or improved business services is crucial for your financial success. Our approach goes beyond relationship-building and negotiating skills; it involves leveraging extensive benchmarking data, a profound understanding of business service industries, and vigilant invoice monitoring.

Our team of industry experts brings the numbers, expertise, and tools to the table, identifying and capturing all available savings on your behalf. 

We act as your advocate to secure the right services at the right cost for the long term. Explore our expertise in the following spend areas:

1.Insurance: Reduce insurance costs by an average of 11%. We help you navigate the complex insurance landscape to obtain rightsize health insurance and benefits coverage, ensuring protection for your business and bottom line.

2.Payroll Processing: Cut payroll processing fees by an average of 24%. Optimize your payroll processing solution to simplify, save, and better meet your company’s human capital management needs.

3.Property Taxes: Reduce property taxes by an average of 8%. We empower you with data and expertise to determine the true market value of your commercial real estate assets, ensuring fair and accurate taxes for the long term.

4.Shipping and Fulfillment: Save an average of 18% on small parcel and 3PL. Our experts with backgrounds in sales and pricing at major carriers help you secure better shipping terms, improving customer service and saving costs.

5.Telecom: Secure 28% average savings on telecom solutions. Our comprehensive approach to optimization and modernization ensures cost savings today while preparing for future technology and security demands.

6.Treasury Fees + Merchant Services: Reduce treasury service fees by 25-35%. We conduct a thorough bank fee review to secure best-in-class pricing, preserving existing banking relationships and introducing opportunities for a more secure financial future.

7.Utilities: Save an average of 11% on energy and utilities. Optimize your energy spend with better rates, reliable service, and reduced billing errors, supporting sustainability and creating best-in-class energy programs.

8.Waste + Recycling: Capture 30% average savings on waste and recycling. Take control of your waste and recycling programs with better design, pricing, management, and reporting.

9.Other Operating Expenses: Spend smarter on everyday spend areas, from medical supplies to maintenance, ensuring the greatest value for your business.

Industries served include Franchisee/Multi-Site Operators, Government, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Multifamily, Restaurants, Retail, Senior Living, and Telecommunication Carriers. 

Discover how Cedric Burl And Company can help you spend smarter with a no-risk, comprehensive evaluation of your vendor transaction history. Put our market intelligence and industry expertise to work for you.

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario for the city municipality of Miami with a total budget of $1.5 billion for operating expenses, $1.2 billion for capital expenses, and $1.1 billion for the general fund.

Scenario Overview:

Operating Expenses: $1.5 billion

Capital Expenses: $1.2 billion

General Fund Budget: $1.1 billion

Cedric Burl And Company's Proposed Savings :( Please Note This Is For Example Purposes Only):

1.Insurance (11%):

   Estimated Savings: 11% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $165 million

2.Payroll Processing (24%):

   Estimated Savings: 24% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $360 million

3.Property Taxes (8%):

   Estimated Savings: 8% of $1.2 billion (Capital Expenses) = $96 million

4.Shipping and Fulfillment (18%):

   Estimated Savings: 18% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $270 million

5.Telecom (28%):

   Estimated Savings: 28% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $420 million

6. Treasury Fees + Merchant Services (25-35%):

   - Assuming 30% savings, Estimated Savings: 30% of $1.1 billion (General Fund Budget) = $330 million

7.Utilities (11%):

   - Estimated Savings: 11% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $165 million

8.Waste + Recycling (30%):

    Estimated Savings: 30% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $450 million

9.Other Operating Expenses (Hypothetical 15%):

   - Estimated Savings: 15% of $1.5 billion (Operating Expenses) = $225 million

Overall Estimated Savings:

   Total Estimated Savings = $165M + $360M + $96M + $270M + $420M + $330M + $165M + $450M + $225M = $2.081 billion

Summary ( Please Note This Is For Example Purposes Only):

Cedric Burl And Company's comprehensive evaluation and optimization across various spend areas result in a significant estimated savings of approximately $2.081 billion for the city municipality of Miami. 

This not only contributes to immediate cost reductions but also positions the municipality for a more financially secure future. Keep in mind that these are hypothetical estimates, and actual savings may vary based on specific circumstances and negotiations.

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