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Referral Team

Healthcare Referral Partner:

Healthcare Referral Partner Opportunity: Seeking individuals or businesses engaged in or around senior care, including nurses, physical therapists, or nurse's aides. If you have valuable connections and can open doors, there's an opportunity for rewarding collaboration. Our focus is on enhancing patient care, particularly in wound care. We collaborate with nursing home teams, introducing cutting-edge technology and cost-effective strategies without compromising patient well-being.

If you believe you can leverage your connections, this partnership could be highly profitable for you. To express your interest, please forward your CV or Business Website, along with any relevant licenses you hold. Provide a brief summary explaining why you believe you'd be an excellent fit, and share any future aspirations in the wound care sector.

Upon receiving your information, we will reach out within 3 to 5 business days to schedule a Zoom call to further discuss your interest. For more details about our work, please refer to the links below.