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Alternative Finance up to $200,000.00

Innovative Funding Solutions for Business Growth

Are you currently facing challenges with accessing capital and limited financing options? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses encounter struggles such as delayed project timelines, hindered growth opportunities, and financial strains. Cedric Burl & Company offers a strategic avenue to secure funding through an innovative solution that traditional banks and brokers may not provide.

Program Highlights:

- The program involves purchasing courtesy deposits (CDs) from local FDIC-insured banks, enabling clients to access capital for their projects.

- Funding is available globally by acquiring CDs from international banks with corresponding FDIC-insured banks in North America.

- Clients can access funds within 72 hours, with the ability to secure up to $200 million.


- Courtesy deposits cannot be held as collateral by the bank.

- Clients must have a corresponding FDIC-insured bank in North America.

- Capital requests range from $1 million to $2 billion.


To participate, clients need:

- Good credit history and relevant experience.

- A solid business plan.

- A financial institution willing to complete the transaction and work with Cedric Burl & Company.

Why Choose Our Programs:

Partnering with Cedric Burl & Company enhances financial institutions' liquidity, resulting in more favorable term sheets for clients.


1. Schedule a consultation call.

2. Receive initial paperwork, including CIS/KYC, Mutual NDA NCA Agreement, and Joint Venture Agreement.

3. Find a willing financial institution.

4. Financing partner ensures CDs are not held as collateral.

5. Sign required paperwork and pay fees.

Essential Documentation:


- Mutual NDA/NCA

- Signed fee agreement

- Professionally written business plan

- Proof of funds for fees


$37,500 to source written offers from lenders 

A one-time fee of 7% for a 1-year term CD and 12% if purchasing a 2-year CDS. Additional terms beyond two years require a separate agreement.



- 30 banking days from the date final contracts are signed with the lender


Clients are advised to read the disclaimer carefully, bringing their business consultants or legal counsel to meetings. Cedric Burl & Company is committed to transparency and compliance with securities laws, connecting clients with registered securities dealers or law firms as needed. While not a licensed dealer broker, the company prioritizes compliance, transparency, and exceptional customer service to help clients achieve their business goals.

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