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Alternative Investment Opportunity: 10.0% Effectively Guaranteed

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At Cedric Burl & Company, we specialize in identifying unique investment opportunities that offer double-digit returns, long-term growth potential, and robust risk management strategies. 

Our expertise lies in providing access to investment strategies previously reserved for the ultra-rich and institutional investors.

Investment Opportunity

Our latest investment opportunity promises double-digit returns with a long-term growth strategy and comprehensive risk management. With a minimum investment of $200,000, accredited investors can access a class A membership unit offering an 8.0% annual fixed income, paid quarterly. Additionally, investors benefit from a 2.0% annual income kicker when held for 60 months, effectively guaranteeing a total annualized yield of 10.0% (net of fees).

Ideal Clients and Professionals

We cater to a diverse range of clients, including:

1. Accredited Investors: Individuals with a sophisticated understanding of financial markets and a high-risk tolerance seeking unique investment opportunities.

2. Mayors and Municipal Leaders: Responsible for managing city or municipal investment portfolios, seeking long-term growth and stability.

3. Endowments and Foundations: Organizations aiming to preserve and grow their funds to support their mission over the long term.

4. Family Offices: Private wealth management firms serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals or families interested in exclusive investment opportunities.

5. Professionals in High-Earning Fields: Such as doctors, athletes, and executives looking for sophisticated ways to grow their wealth.


For detailed investment terms, interested parties must undergo an initial conference call. Upon qualification and interest, clients will receive a Confidential Offering Memorandum from our representative. Key terms of the investment opportunity include:

- Class A Membership Units ("Fixed Income")

- Minimum Investment: $200,000 (subject to waiver)

- 8.0% Annual Fixed Income Paid Quarterly

- 2.0% Annual Income Kicker When Held for 60 Months

- 10.0% Effectively Guaranteed Total Annualized Yield (Net of Fees)

- All Income Is Taxable as Capital Gains

- Insurance Wrapper Effectively Guarantees Yield

- No Withdrawal Charges

- Death Benefit

- Redemption Notice: 180 Days

- Redemption Frequency: Quarterly

Service Providers

We collaborate with esteemed partners to ensure the integrity and efficiency of our investment offerings:

Juniper Square:

Established: Juniper Square was founded in 2014.

Global Reach: Juniper Square's software platform is used by over 900 real estate investment sponsors managing more than $1 trillion of real estate investments globally.

Value: Juniper Square provides innovative solutions for real estate investment management, offering technology-driven solutions to streamline fundraising, investment operations, and investor reporting processes.

Holland & Knight:

Established: Holland & Knight was founded in 1968.

Global Reach: With over 1,400 attorneys in more than 200 locations across the globe, Holland & Knight serves clients in various industries, including finance, real estate, and litigation.

Value: Holland & Knight is renowned for its legal expertise and commitment to client service, providing comprehensive legal counsel to support clients in navigating complex legal matters and achieving their business objectives.

Shulman Rogers:

Established: Shulman Rogers was founded in 1972.

Global Reach: While primarily serving clients in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Shulman Rogers has a global network of partnerships and affiliations, allowing them to provide legal services to clients worldwide.

Value: Shulman Rogers is recognized for its personalized approach to legal representation, offering a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals.

Fox Rothschild:

Established: Fox Rothschild traces its roots back to 1907.

Global Reach: With over 900 attorneys in offices throughout the United States and internationally, Fox Rothschild serves clients across a diverse range of industries and practice areas.

Value: Fox Rothschild is known for its collaborative approach and depth of legal expertise, providing strategic counsel and innovative solutions to help clients achieve their goals and navigate legal challenges effectively.

Morgan Stanley:

Established: Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935.

Global Reach: As one of the leading global financial services firms, Morgan Stanley operates in more than 41 countries and serves clients worldwide, including corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals.

Value: Morgan Stanley offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including investment banking, wealth management, and asset management, delivering tailored solutions and expertise to help clients navigate complex financial markets and achieve their financial objectives.

Whitley Penn:

Established: Whitley Penn was founded in 1983.

Global Reach: While primarily serving clients in the southern United States, Whitley Penn has a strong regional presence and serves clients across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and energy.

Value: Whitley Penn is recognized for its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, providing a wide range of accounting, auditing, tax, and advisory services to support clients in achieving their business and financial goals.

By collaborating with these esteemed partners, Cedric Burl & Company ensures the integrity, efficiency, and global reach of its investment offerings, delivering value and expertise to its clients.

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario where a city invests $10,000,000 over a period of 5 years. We'll break down how this investment could potentially benefit the city and what it could look like over the investment period:

Year 1: Initial Investment: The city invests the full $10,000,000 in the investment opportunity.

Annual Fixed Income: At an 8.0% annual fixed income rate, the city earns $800,000 in fixed income for the year ($10,000,000 * 8.0%).

Year 2-5:

Continued Investment: The city keeps the investment intact, allowing it to compound over time.

Quarterly Income Payments: The city receives quarterly fixed income payments, totaling $200,000 each quarter ($800,000 / 4).

Income Kicker: If the city chooses to hold the investment for the full 60 months, it would receive a 2.0% annual income kicker. This adds an additional $200,000 per year ($10,000,000 * 2.0% / 5).

Total Annual Income: The city's total annual income from the investment would be $1,000,000 ($800,000 + $200,000).

Over the 5-Year Period:

Total Fixed Income: The city would earn a total fixed income of $4,000,000 over the 5-year period ($800,000 * 5).

Total Income Kicker: If the city holds the investment for the full 5 years, it would receive an additional $1,000,000 from the income kicker ($200,000 * 5).

Total Return: The total return on investment for the city would be $5,000,000 ($4,000,000 + $1,000,000).

Potential Uses for the City:

1.Infrastructure Development: The city could use the investment returns to fund infrastructure projects such as road repairs, public transportation enhancements, or the construction of new community facilities.


2. Public Services: The investment returns could be allocated towards improving public services such as education, healthcare, or public safety, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.


3. Economic Development: Investing in local businesses or supporting entrepreneurship programs could stimulate economic growth and create job opportunities within the city.


4. Sustainability Initiatives: The city could allocate funds towards sustainability projects, such as renewable energy installations, waste management programs, or initiatives to combat climate change.


5.Reserve Fund: A portion of the investment returns could be set aside in a reserve fund to ensure financial stability and provide a buffer against unexpected expenses or economic downturns.

By strategically allocating the investment returns, the city can enhance its infrastructure, services, and overall economic well-being, ultimately benefiting its residents and fostering long-term growth and prosperity.

At Cedric Burl & Company, we are committed to providing our clients with exclusive investment opportunities backed by rigorous due diligence and expert advisory services. 

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